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AWRC consultants, led by principal consultant Andrew Walton, are committed to delivering the highest quality results to ensure maximum return on our client’s investment.  We continually review our standards, systems, training and procedures to enable us to constantly improve performance, efficiency and knowledge.  


Where required, AWRC also works with a network of associate consultants who are experts in their fields as well as partners for large scale quantitative research and online research solutions such as panels.

Andrew Walton, Principal Consultant

Andrew has been engaged in international research and consultancy, specialising in high technology sectors, since the early 1990’s when he began working as a quantitative research analyst.  In 1999, Andrew joined the UK consulting team at IDC where he spent six years extending the company’s consulting offerings and growing with the business, becoming consulting manager in 2002.  During this time, Andrew successfully launched and developed new and existing services, often supporting clients in further use of research insights at client events in Europe and the USA.  In this role Andrew was often quoted in the IT trade and business press including The Times, The Guardian and CRN.


Andrew left IDC in 2005 to drive the start-up of a Corporate Sales unit for Mackinnon Corporate Finance LLp.  Beginning with a clean slate Andrew conjointly created the business entity and launched successfully with the first client engaged within three months and first sale for £12 million concluded within 18 months of start-up.  


In 2008, Andrew was then asked to become Research Manager for Kable, a business unit of the Guardian Media Group.  His role encompassed the management of the custom research business , which included successfully driving the business from initial client discussion through proposal creation, project engagement to delivery, as well as modernising the primary research infrastructure to include online research panels for a number of Guardian business units.  


During his time at Kable, Andrew reduced operating costs, shortened timeframes and increased overall research project values by more than 20% while increasing the number of clients across both commercial and public sectors in the UK as well as internationally.


Following reduced engagement by Guardian Media Group with the public sector, Andrew's position at Kable was made redundant and so in 2011 Andrew founded AWRC, engaging his first client in the first month of business activity and establishing repeat business with a number of international clients over the first year of operation.


Andrew has a BA (hons) degree in German with Business Studies from the University of London and is a member of the Market Research Society.

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