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All of AWRC’s engagements begin with a free confidential qualitative discussion with our clients, in order to identify their business requirements and identify timescales within which objectives need to be met.  Throughout the engagement process, AWRC provides continuous progress reporting and a single point of contact.


  • Secondary research underpins all of AWRCs interaction with clients; from preparation for an initial meeting through to providing extensive detail from which to draw key insights for project deliverables  

  • Qualitative primary research extends and enhances secondary research  

  • When required, quantitative research can broaden the level of detail and provide statistics to support the resulting insights either in further client decision/strategy formulation, or to enhance marketing communications utilising research results as their basis   

  • The intelligence born out of these activities and its analysis forms the insight and recommendations AWRC provides its clients

Research insight


We work with our clients on either a fixed fee or hourly basis.  Fixed fees are based on time and materials and relate to specific tasks, such as developing a white paper, delivering a quantitative research project or creating an online research panel.  


Hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly fees relating to project or interim management activities are available on request.  

Better results through deeper understanding

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